Ansor ETS

PAT Testing

PAT test is undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 where Regulation 4(2) states "all electrical equipment shall be maintained so as to prevent danger"


Portable, fixed, transportable, plugged or spurred, all equipment needs to be inspected, tested and maintained.


We only employ qualified electricians so we are able to carry out all necessary repairs to the power supply at the time of inspection, thereby minimizing the number of items failing.


Faults and failures, where they do occur, are reported to your office immediately so that you are aware of any potential problems.


Uniquely numbered with a permanent label, each appliance is logged into our test database which handles over a million results annually and with our advanced reporting facilities you can receive your reports and schedules direct to your PC or in traditional format.



What do we test?

  • Portable Appliances are items of equipment which can be moved whilst connected to the supply.
  • Moveable Equipment of less than 18kg which also may be equipped with rollers or castors to facilitate relocation.
  • Stationary Equipment is probably in excess of 18kg and is not provided with a carrying handle such as a washing machine.
  • Fixed Equipment is a machine or appliance which is fastened or secured in a specified location.